Welcome to the Information Worker

Because community is everything.

IWe have a few people that drive the direction and governance of the community, but invariably, this community only works when you contribute.

We have our monthly community nights with speakers sharing their knowledge with the community. This happens on the second Tuesday of every month at Microsoft’s offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The sessions range from ITPro to Dev to Business topics and we also have a round table every quarter where community members can bring along their questions as we work through the problems in real time.

WIf you cannot get to Microsoft on time, you can grab the session live through our YouTube channel and still ask questions should you have any, IN REAL TIME. If you cannot make it on the day, don’t worry, the sessions will be uploaded to YouTube the next day so you will never miss a community night ever again. How cool is that.

But wait, there’s more. We have a blog called 365 Insights we our leads publish content on all things SharePoint and Office 365, so go have a look, we hope you enjoy the posts.

Other initiatives that we have include; An internship program and Community member of the month (Yes, we want to hear from you about your activities and experience with SharePoint).We are very excited to have you join us and look forward to engaging with you!

Team Members